Become a Mermaid with Dublin’s Ultimate Beauty Package!

Discover Dublin’s most luxurious cruelty-free beauty package at Dublin’s Castleknock Hotel.

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Ireland’s One-Stop Online Shop: Cruelty Free Cosmetics

It can seem difficult to find cruelty-free cosmetics that are 100% certified cruelty-free, and it can be even more difficult to find products that are 100% vegan! While many of Ireland’s department stores and pharmacies do sell some cruelty-free cosmetics, there is a one-stop online shop that makes cruelty-free shopping ten times easier. Cruelty Free […]

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Dublin’s ONLY Cruelty-Free Salon, Skinfull Affairs, Is a Treat For All

If you are a busy person who rarely takes time for yourself, I’m sure you would take any opportunity to indulge in one of life’s simplest pleasures; a salon treatment. While it may seem difficult to find a salon treatment that uses cruelty-free products only, there are some options available (e.g. Lycon Wax, Cocoa Brown […]

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