The Must-Have Vegan Lip Plumper Every Lip Lover Needs

When it comes to plumping lip glosses, my mind instantly transports ten years ago to trying out super stingy, eye-watering lip plumping glosses that were a freebie with teen magazines. Needless to say, my personal experience in the past with lip plumping glosses had been negative for a decade… until I came across this one.

CODE LIP is the ultimate cruelty-free, plant-based lip plumping lip gloss that has not only converted my opinion on these products, but has also confirmed for me that every lip lover needs to get their hands on one of these. The lip gloss is full of hydrating and nourishing ingredients, which work together to inflate the lips for a natural, but subtle look.


Does it tingle?

Hell, yeah! The lipgloss tingles and feels like you have just rubbed cayenne pepper all over your lips. However, unlike many other plumpers on the market, CODE Lip does NOT sting. The tingle is super minty and refreshing, and is only a temporary feeling upon application, so the lips don’t feel uncomfortable.

The Magic Ingredient?

Hiliurlip. This miracle ingredient is like the newer and cooler version of Hyaluronic Acid, and is completely vegan friendly. Hiliurlip redifines the natural contours of the lips and plumps up their volume, so you can rock your inner Kylie any day.

code lip 3

Is it coloured?

Slightly! The lip gloss coats the lips in a subtle film of rosey pink. I personally love wearing it on its own when I head to the gym.

Where can I buy it?


Oh, and there’s free worldwide delivery with all orders.

CODE Beautiful is certified by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

All images taken from the CODE Beautiful website.



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