Beauty and the Beat: Get Festival-Ready the Cruelty Free Way!

No more lemsip, hello suncream! With the likes of Body and Soul, Knockanstockan, Forbidden Fruit, Longitude and Electric Picnic rapidly approaching, it’s time to prepare yourself for the muddy ground, sweaty raves, several days of allowing your hair to run wild and all of the challenges the camping environment presents to beauty fanatics. Luckily, there are some spectacular cruelty-free as well as vegan festival beauty finds that can make these problems that little bit easier.

First and foremost, look after yourself!

I know how hard it is to remove your make-up when the sun has already risen, you’re almost convinced you drank your bodyweight in alcohol and all you want to do is finally sleep after partying all night. However, not banishing the icky remains of yesterday from your face will leave your skin feeling worse than you do the next day! So pack your skincare heroes to make sure you look after your skin while it protects you.

Cleanse for a fresh start.

This is the part you will not want to do when it comes down to it. Luckily, Aldi’s Leaping Bunny certified Lacura range’s Charcoal Micellar Water removes makeup as quickly as one removes one’s wellies at the end of the night. The combination of charcoal powder and cleansing and purifying micellar water helpt to remove dirt and grime in one step, leaving the skin fresh and ready for a new face of makeup the next day. 

Another addition to add to your festival cleansing regime are Lacura’s Charcoal Face Wipes. The pack of 25 deep-cleansing wipes are infused with bamboo fibre, witch hazel and chamomile, which help to remove daily impurities and combat acne-prone and sensitive skin. A perfect cruelty-free alternative to Johnson & Johnson baby wipes or Andrex body wipes!

charcoal aldiLacura Charcoal Micellar Water, €2.99/200ml, and Lacura Charcoal Face Wipes, €1.99/25 pack, available in 130 Aldi stores nationwide


Stay Hydrated!

Make sure to drink 2 litres of water every day at your festival. Not only is your skin exposed to more sun at festivals, but also to environmental factors and pollution like cigarette smoke. Not to mention you may indulge in the odd alcoholic beverage- staying hydrated is a must! It’s also important to keep your skin hydrated from the outside by using a concentrated, hydrating serum. Cruelty-free and vegan Irish brand Nía’s Vitality Super Vitamin Serum contains all the ingredients to make your skin smile, with detoxifying wheatgrass, nourishing acai and radiance-boosting Vitamin C.

Vitality Serum on transparent.png

 It retails at €49.95 and is available at

No Sweat, No Fret!

Keep sweat at bay with the most effective natural deodorant on the market, Pit Putty! This amazing brand is a staple favourite of Flawless and Pawless. 100% vegan, cruelty-free and handmade in Ireland, Pit Putty is free from nasty chemicals like aluminium oxide and parabens, which are often found in other deodorants. Choose from the following aromatic scents: Lavender, Lemongrass & TeaTree, Three Flowers, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Vanilla.


Pit Putty Natural Deodorant, €11.95, available at Skinfull Affairs and in selected stores nationwide

Deodorise your hands! Organic alcohol derived from sugar beet keeps any unwanted germs away with Botanicals Organic Sanitiser. As it’s made of 100% natural ingredients, it’s suitable for all skin types. This lavender and tea tree-scented miracle worker also doubles up as a deodorant, and it comes in a handy 50ml spray bottle.

Botanicals New Organic Sanitiser - High Res

Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitiser, €6.80, available at 

Use an SPF!

The last thing anyone wants at a festival is to be burnt from head to toe, sweaty and hungover with two days left of partying! Lacura’s best-selling Moisturising Sun Spray SPF30+ not only protects your skin from harsh UV rays, but it acts against severe hydration and hyper pigmentation for perfect festival beauty. With its long-lasting formula, your skin is sure to feel hydrated all day and night.

Lacura SPF30 Spray €2.99_preview

Lacura Moisturising Sun Spray SPF 30+ 200ml, €2.99, available in 130 Aldi stores nationwide

Keep Nasty Insects Bites at Bay!

Insect bites have the power to make one’s life miserable at a festival, and it can be difficult to find an insect repellent that is 100% cruelty-free. That is, until now! Caribbean Blue Citronella Spray is a natural, spray-on insect repellent that is made from pure essential oils as well as sustainable ingredients. The perfect cruelty-free and natural alternative to chemical, DEET-based repellents, this citronella concoction has been proven to repel mosquitos, midges and other unwanted, hungry bugs. What’s more, the Citronella Spray is EPA approved and is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture. A complete bargain for conscientious folk!


Caribbean Blue Citronella Spray, €10.30, available at Zen Luxury Living

Freshen Up Your Locks

It can be difficult to find a 100% cruelty-free dry shampoo, with the likes of Batiste faking a ‘leaping bunny’ logo on their packaging, but are meanwhile selling in China- where it is required by law for all cosmetics to be tested on animals. But fear not, as celebrity stylist Phil Smith’s BE GORGEOUS haircare range offers an affordable variety of Leaping Bunny certified dry shampoos! Choose from volumising, brunette, refreshing and nourishing formulas to keep your hair fresh, bouncy and feeling clean throughout the weekend.


Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Dry Clean Dry Shampoo, €2.30, available at Sainsburys


The Perfect Base

For the perfect canvas to cover up any signs of tiredness, Essence’s best-selling Fresh and Fit foundation is great for a beautiful festival look. Its light, creamy texture is adaptable to all skin types, and its skin-awakening ingredients ensure a long-lasting, high coverage look that lasts all day long.

essence Fresh & Fit Awake Make Up €6.25.jpg

With several shades to choose from, it’s available in Penneys/Primark and selected pharmacies nationwide for €6.25

All of the above products are 100% cruelty-free and the products that are 100% vegan are outlined in their description in this article. None of these brands are owned by a parent company that tests on animals. All products are available in Ireland either in Irish department stores/pharmacies or are available to ship to Ireland.

A cruelty-free festival makeup feature will be soon to follow ❤ xx


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