This Cruelty-Free Sun Care Range is All Your Family Needs to Stay Sun Safe This Summer

Did you know that the majority of SPFs are- at some point- tested on animals by ingredient suppliers? Because of this, it can be difficult to find an SPF that is 100% cruelty-free (that is, if a brand is not officially cruelty-free). For a brand to be listed on Flawless and Pawless as cruelty-free, the company must ensure that their raw ingredients are not tested on animals, and that their suppliers and manufacturers don’t test on animals, and of course that the product has not been tested on animals at any stage during the production process.

Unfortunately, many brands can claim to be ‘cruelty-free’, but source their SPF from a supplier who has tested it on animals prior to it being bought and used by the company. But fear not! Grocery giant Aldi boasts its Lacura cosmetic range, which offers a family-friendly range of 100% cruelty-free SPF to keep adults, children and babies safe this summer. Lacura is certified by The Leaping Bunny Program by Cruelty Free International, the only internationally recognised certification program- and also the most reliable cruelty-free certification. For a brand to be certified by The Leaping Bunny, their entire line is scrutinised and is required to supply independent audits.


The official Leaping Bunny logo by Cruelty Free International

The prices of Aldi’s Lacura sun care range is budget-friendly, with costs ranging from €1.99 – €5.99. Not only will this range save you pennies this summer, but it will also provide you with great sun protection.

The most popular product from the range is the Lacura SPF30 Sun Spray, which provides 5* UVA and UVB protection for the cost of just €2.99! It also is a gorgeous cruelty-free moisturiser and looks fabulous on legs for a healthy, smooth look.

Lacura SPF30 Spray €2.99_preview.jpeg

Lacura SPF30 Spray 200ml, €2.99

The adult products in the range include:

  • Lacura SPF30/SPF15 Spray 200ml, €2.99
  • Lacura SPF30/SPF15 Lotion 200ml, €2.99/€2.49
  • Lacura SPF30 Clear Spray 200ml, €3.99
  • Lacura SPF50/SPF30 Lotion Mini 50ml, €1.99
  • Calypso One Day Protection €5.99

For extra sensitive skin that’s prone to sunburn, the range offers the Lacura SPF50+ Adult Sensitive Lotion 200ml, €3.49.

Lacura SPF50+ Adults Sensitive Lotion €3.49_preview.jpeg

Lacura SPF50+ Adults Sensitive Lotion 200ml, €3.49

For your little ones, the following products in the range are suitable:

  • Lacura SPF50+ Kids Spray 200ml, €3.49
  • Lacura SPF50+ Baby lotion 75ml, €2.49

Lacura SPF50+ Baby Lotion €2.49_preview

Lacura SPF50+ Baby Lotion 75ml, €2.49

And of course, Lacura offers an aftersun range to soothe skin in the event that you’re in the sun just a little bit too long:

  • Lacura Aftersun Spray 200ml, €2.49
  • Lacura Aftersun Lotion 400ml, €2.49 (BRAND NEW!)

Lacura Aftersun Lotion €2.49_preview

Lacura Moisturising Aftersun Lotion 400ml, €2.49


The Lacura sun care range is available in 130 Aldi stores nationwide now.


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