Shave Like a Vegan: This Konjac Sponge is the Modern Gentleman’s Best Friend

A product I don’t think I could live without! Growing up, I remember that I always used sea sponges that my family would buy for us when we went on holiday. However, once I started to look more into the sourcing of standard sponges, I was gradually put off.

Standard sea sponges are a species of ‘porifera’ which means ‘pore bearing.’ Many people think that sponge is a kind of crop similar to seaweed, but sponge is a living sea-creature. Although it doesn’t have a brain or a central-nervous system, the sponge’s body consists of porous membranes that are about two cells thick. It feeds by filtering sea water through the pores and collecting sea-particles and plankton.

The harvesting of sea sponge is generally not sustainable and contributes towards the destruction of the ocean’s natural reefs. Sponge helps filter and purify sea water, and with the popularity of the animal’s skincare benefits, it is mass-harvested, ridding many oceanic ecosystems of this essential animal.


Although there are plastic alternative to sponges, they are generally not very sustainable or reusable, and they often break down easily which can clog plumbing systems. However, The Konjac Sponge Company is the revolutionary brand that has changed the sponge world for the better.

The Konjac Sponge is a vegan and eco-friendly alternative to standard sea sponge. Konjac, or konnyaku (not to be confused with the alcoholic drink, cognac), is a plant native to East Asia – specifically in Japan, South Korea, North Korea and China. This perennial plant has been used in East Asian culture for thousands of years – especially in cuisine, medicine and beauty. Used as a low-calorie substitute for seafood and meat, konyakku is made of 97% water and is rich in minerals. The plant grows in high altitude volcanic regions which have mineral rich soil.


The Konjac Sponge Company have utilised this plant to create a cruelty-free alternative to sea sponges. Hand-made in the South Korean island of Jeju, The Konjac Sponge Company guarantees a 100% natural, biodegradable, naturally sustainable, vegan and cruelty free product.

The Leaping Bunny certified company, based in the United Kingdom, sent me the Konjac Gentleman’s Shaving Sponge to try out. I have very sensitive skin and am very prone to ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. The website for the company claims that the Konjac sponge can help with these problems so I was excited to give it a go. This particular sponge is saturated with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo, a variety of grass, is a fast growing crop which allows for sustainable plant usage. Charcoal is rich in activated carbon which absorbs toxins, absorbs excess oils and fights bacteria. I am a big fan of charcoal products and have been using them for a while.


The sponge comes in a recyclable clear plastic and card packet. Upon first observation, the sponge was dried up but visibly porous. When re-hydrated with water, the hard sponge transforms into a silky soft, moist sponge. In comparison to a sea sponge, the Konjac sponge is much bouncier and softer. I used it first after arriving home after a long day at university. The sponge was delightful to use on my skin – it removed any oils and dirt that accumulated on my face throughout the day, but left it feeling hydrated and healthy. From then on, I used it daily before and after I shaved and before I went to bed. I have definitely noticed the effect that the sponge has had on my skin – it has reduced redness, helped reduce oil overproduction, cleans my pores – especially on my nose, and has helped to rid of ingrown hairs that I get from shaving.


I was amazed by how quick and efficient this products took to take effect. I ended up buying the Konjac 6 Wave Body Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal to help the folliculitis I have on my legs. Within two days, the sponge had helped to reduce inflammations and spots on my legs caused by the folliculitis. I now use the Konjac Sponge daily in the shower and it helps to keep my folliculitis at bay.

As a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly substitute to the sea sponge, I can now have a guilty free sponge experience. I am very excited to try out other sponges in the range. The Konjac Sponge Company boasts a variety of different products infused with different minerals to help fight certain skin conditions, and in different shapes and sizes designed for different body parts and skin problems. I could not recommend this product more.

The Konjac Sponge Company’s Konjac Gentleman’s Shaving Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal retails for €11.35 and is available to purchase directly from this link.

As Flawless and Pawless is a #BrandAmbassador for The Konjac Sponge Company, readers can use a 10% discount with the code: FLAWLESS&PAWLESS.


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