Sweat Like a Vegan: How Irish Brand Pit Putty is Making People Less Smelly!

If you haven’t heard of Pit Putty yet, you might as well grab some popcorn, a cuppa tea and get prepared to learn about the NO.1 DEODORANT on the cruelty-free Irish market. Having trialled and tested various cruelty-free and even vegan deodorants for quite some time now, none of them successfully kept my pits smelling fresh and feeling clean, if you will. That was until I discovered Pit Putty.

I suffer from anxiety, which makes me quite prone to hot flushes and the occasional random sweat (lovely!). I also suffer from OCD, so I constantly like to feel fresh- which can sometimes lead to me showering twice in one day (working on it!). The problem with many deodorants on the market is that, despite a cruelty-free status, they can be full of toxic chemicals like aluminium oxide, parabens, steareths and propylene glycol, to name a few. It’s not uncommon to hear that the components found in spray deodorants are linked to breast cancer, so finding a deodorant that is free from toxic chemicals is so important. It’s also difficult to find unisex deodorants that are free from toxic chemicals that are suitable for the entire family to use.


Pit Putty was created by natural skin fanatics and husband and wife, Luke and Laura. The couple wanted to create an effective, natural deodorant that actually worked on both men and women. After years of trialling and testing various formulas, eventually Pit Putty was born.

So what makes Pit Putty special?

  • Pit Putty is vegan friendly!
  • The formula is free from aluminium oxide
  • It’s also free from parabens
  • The deodorants are made of 100% natural ingredients
  • The range is cruelty free!

Pit Putty deodorants are concocted with a blend of plant oils, butters, naturally mined powders and pure essential oils, and are handmade in Ireland.


What scents are available?

Lemongrass and Teatree

Pit Putty’s best seller

Contains natural lemongrass essential oils to uplift the spirit

Teatree oil gives the formula antibacterial properties


Lime, Basil and Mandarin

An earthy, but sweet scent

Flattering on both sexes


Lavender and Lemon

Relaxing and healing

Uplifting lemon creates peace of mind


Three Flowers

Geranium Rose Oil, Lavender Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil

A sweet, floral scent



For those with a sweet tooth!


I personally don’t have a favourite scent, as they’re all divine. I love using the Lemongrass and Teatree every morning as it helps to wake me up, I use the Lavender one for relaxing weekends, and I use the Three Flowers one if I’m going out (it’s so perfumey and dreamy). My boyfriend, Karl, loves the Lime, Basil and Mandarin one, as it smells just like green winegum sweets.

The texture of the deodorants upon application is fabulous. It instantly feels like your pits are nourished, yet instantly dried and protected. I also love that as you rub it in, there’s a very slight exfoliating texture (what a weird thing to like). The verdict? I feel dry all day using these deodorants, and I’ve never felt so confident about my anxiety sweats. Bring it on.

All Pit Putty deodorants are priced at €11.95 and are available in over 30 stockists across Ireland including health stores, pharmacies and shops. You can find out your nearest stockist with Pit Putty’s store locator here.

Since this article was published in April 2017, Flawless and Pawless has become the Brand Ambassador for Pit Putty, having tried the product for months and achieving excellent results.


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