How to Ban Irish Fur Farms: Release Mink from Torture and Cruelty

Did you know that Ireland has a secret fur-farming trade? Did you know that every year a total of 250,000-300,000 animals on these farms are killed?

nara fur.jpg

NARA (National Animal Rights Association) are the leaders of this movement to ban this evil trade in Ireland.

In 2007 until 2009, NARA toured around the country to campaign against Irish fur farming. They set up information stalls in many Irish towns, they did leaflet drops, they ran petitions and they canvassed members of the public. NARA’s actions were taken seriously by Green Party, who listed a ban on Irish fur farming upon joining Fianna Fail in a coalition government. At the time, Fianna Fail had no problem with these terms.

nara protest campaign.jpg

However, in 2012, at the start of Ireland’s dreadful recession, Fine Gael’s Minister of Agriculture at the time, Simon Coveney, diminished the ban on Irish fur farming. This was after two of Ireland’s fur farms had already shut down prematurely in anticipation of the ban.

Now, there are three fur farms left in Ireland;

  • Stefan Kolon: Willow Herb Ltd, Dromkeare, Waterville, Co. Kerry
  • Una & Michael Heffernan: Vasa Ltd, Vicarstown, Stradbally, Co. Laois
  • Sven & Monica Sjoholm: Tazetta Ltd, Drumnalough, Glenties, Co. Donegal

What Happens on the Fur Farms?

Thousands of mink are kept in disgustingly dirty cages. Being solitary creatures, they are crammed into a space that is just two shoe boxes in size with other mink. Mink are naturally semi-aquatic animals, but in these fur farms they are given absolutely no access to water. The only thing these mink are fed is liquidized fish organs, which they eat through the cages.

mink in ireland.jpg

These horrendous living conditions not only fuel severe misery in these creatures, but also psychosis, self-harm and cannibalism.

At the end of its shitty life, at the young age of 6 months, a mink is put into a ‘killing box’ along with 39 other mink, and they are all gassed to death as well as unconsciousness. Many of the mink are skinned alive when they are unconscious, not dead.

How you can help this horrible practice come to an end:

  • Attend one of NARA’S weekly leafleting events and protests outside the Department of Agriculture
  • Email Minister Michael Creed, who is responsible for licensing fur farms in Ireland, asking him to ban fur farming immediately:
  • Send a letter to Minister Michael Creed:
    • Office of the Minister for Agriculture & Food, Agriculture House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2
  • Contact your local TD and ask them to do everything they can to help ban Irish fur farming

little mink

Check out NARA’s amazing work and campaigns at NARA’s website
You can contact the organisation directly at


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