Why I Became Cruelty Free

Hello! My name is Ailsha Davey. Constantly mistaken for Alisha, my name is pronounced ‘El-sha’- think Elsa from Frozen, but from Co. Kerry. I am twenty-three years old, Irish (also 27% Celtic, which is pretty badass) and I live in Dublin. My family are all musicians, and I am a songwriter. I have the best boyfriend, and two cats called Nugget and Ian.

I hated school. I was also a quirky teenager who went through phases of destructive behaviour, anxiety, hanging out with some of the meanest people I’ve ever met, and wearing statement makeup. I moved secondary school three times, and I was bullied in the first one as well as the last. I was excluded from groups and regularly ate my lunch in the bathroom, Mean Girls style.

Why was I bullied? Because I expressed my opinions. I wasn’t afraid to make a bold statement if it was something I believed in. I was different, but I always meant well.

After school, I completed a diploma course in Fashion Theatre and Media Makeup. Since then, I have worked as a freelance makeup artist and have done makeup for album covers, music videos and concert brochures. I’ve also worked in a few full time jobs alongside my freelance career, which really helped me to develop knowledge and skills in different areas, from beauty to sales to agriculture.

My family are all animal lovers. My parents have never not had a pet together, I persuaded my boyfriend to get kittens and one of my sisters is an animal activist who owns an amazing animal sanctuary and charity, My Lovely Horse Rescue. I’ve loved all animals from a young age, and I can’t imagine not having a pet.

My cruelty free engine got its fuel a while ago when I was working in an office job that dealt with cow farmers. It was my job to call up the farmers on the phone and ask them how their farm was doing, and if the company could help them in any way during calving season. After many phone calls with farmers describing their distress that they’d lost a calf at birth, and how that was ‘irreplaceable money’, or that their suckler herd were due to be slaughtered in a couple of weeks after living a very short life of eighteen months, I started to realise how this was all completely against my views and beliefs. I did not want a part in this industry, and by that I mean I didn’t even want to be a consumer. I became completely vegetarian, and have been since.

Having worked in the Beauty industry and being a professional makeup artist for over eight years, I have worked with many brands and products. I understand what works, and what consumers look for in cosmetics. I decided to combine my animal activism with my beauty knowledge, and to allow my silenced teenage self to now voice opinions in a positive light.
I hope that you find Flawless and Pawless helpful on your cruelty free and/or vegan cosmetic adventure, and I take pride in being Ireland’s first cruelty-free beauty blogger. Here’s to making Ireland cruelty free!

Ailsha x


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