100% VEGAN Cruelty-Free Brands Available in Ireland

Today, there are many brands that are certified cruelty-free. However, it is unfortunate that some of these brands do still use animal-derived ingredients, which poses the debate: is a product 100% cruelty-free, if it is not 100% vegan? Realistically, a portion of the consumer market will relentlessly keep purchasing their favourite cosmetics from cruelty-free brands that may not be vegan, so Flawless and Pawless highlights ALL cruelty-free brands- and particularly vegan ones, so the consumer knows the option is there.

All of the above said, most cruelty-free brands do offer an array of 100% vegan cosmetics in their line. Some of these include the likes of Kat Von D, Bellapierre Cosmetics and LUSH, to name a few. When you are shopping for vegan products from a cruelty-free brand that’s not 100% vegan, look out for a ‘vegan’ symbol on their packaging, to determine which products within the range are 100% vegan.


When it comes to animal-derived ingredients, it’s important to note which ones are in your beauty products, as the use of them in cosmetics could be completely against your views and morals. I’ve compiled a list of the most common animal-derived ingredients that are used in some cosmetics products that are NOT vegan, which you can find here.

To be certain that a brand is certified 100% cruelty-free AND vegan, look a combination of the following certifications coordinated by the following organisations:

Below is the official Flawless and Pawless list for 100% cruelty-free AND vegan cosmetic brands. These are all brands that are either available in Ireland or that ship to Ireland. Please note that the list is constantly being updated, so make sure to check again before you go ahead with your next cruelty-free/vegan purchase!


Makeup Brushes

  • NIMA Brush Vegan Range – IRISH BRAND
  • Kripa Venezia
  • E.L.F.
  • PS… by Primark
  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics
  • Real Techniques
  • Eco Tools
  • Spectrum Collection
  • Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition Vegan Brushes



  • Pit Putty – IRISH BRAND



Nail Polish

Vegan nail polish is one of the most innovative cosmetic products on the market today. Their formulas have harmful toxins like Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene removed, and hence label their polishes as ‘5-Free’ up to ’13-Free’, depending on the amount of toxins that have been successfully replaced. If you are pregnant, I would suggest contacting the brands directly to find out if they are suitable for you, and the same goes for nail polish for children. I will be doing a little more research into these particular issues myself, so please do be sure to check back for further updates!








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Flawless and Pawless is Ireland's cruelty-free cosmetic blog created by 23 year-old cosmetic expert, Ailsha Davey. With eight years working in the beauty industry in Dublin as a professional make-up artist and cosmetic expert, Ailsha discovered some of the horrors of cosmetic animal testing- and the lack of knowledge within the Irish market about it. Flawless and Pawless has been set up to spread awareness across Ireland of cosmetic animal testing, as well as to provide suggestions for cruelty-free alternatives to the Irish market's favourite cosmetic products.

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