Rockstar Regime: Cruelty-Free is the New Showstopper!

It’s nearly impossible to walk into any clothes store without seeing the latest rockstar fashion trend conquering a section of the shop. But to accompany this style, you need the make-up look to match.


As a singer-songwriter myself, my personal image is important to convey my musical personality. When preparing for a show, there are many steps I take into attempting to conceal a double-chin when I hit a high note or making sure my eyeshadow glitters as I close my eyes to focus on what I’m playing.
Here are some beauty tips from Ireland’s best female performers on how to look your best for the big gig (whether you’re a performer or an attendee).


Aisling Jarvis, Singer-Songwriter

One of my regular clients as a cruelty-free makeup artist is Aisling Jarvis, singer-songwriter/producer from Dun Laoghaire.

Aisling jpeg 1.jpg

“My most important thing I do for stage personally would be my hair. I have to blow dry and hairspray it straight out of the shower so I can stick it up. But I also find powder to be super helpful- if I’m sweating on stage it means my face doesn’t melt off!”

essence brighten up peach powder €3.80_preview.jpeg

Flawless and Pawless recommends Essence Brighten Up! Peach Powder, €3.80, available in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide.


Aisling’s album, A Handful of Bad Ideas, is available on iTunes and on Spotify.

Deborah Ní Bhroin – Hvmmingbyrd

Irish duo Hvmmingbyrd, otherwise known as Deborah Ní Bhroin and Suzette Daz, have soared in the Irish music scene over the last few years with their heartfelt lyrics and unique melodies.

Hvmmingbyrd Press shot Mar 17.jpgPhotography by Ruth Medjber

“Stage make up has to be quite stark so that you don’t look washed out under the lights!” Says Ní Bhroin, “I’m a big fan of false eyelashes and a lick of black liquid eyeliner for a dramatic look.”

Sumita eyeliner 1

Flawless and Pawless recommends Sumita’s Gel Eyeliner, €21.00, available at and //“>here.

Hvmmingbyrd’s latest EP, Know My Name, is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Cathy Davey, Singer-Songwriter

Cathy Davey is a Dublin born singer/songwriter and animal activist. She is often compared to the likes of Bjork and Kate Bush.

Cathy jpeg 1.jpg

“Honestly, make-up is the last thing on my mind when I’m getting ready to perform! But I do use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil- I’ve had a pot of this knocking around for years and it’s good for giving a shimmer to skin for live shows. It’s also cruelty-free!”

Cathy Davey’s latest album, New Forest, is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Lauren Ní Chasáide, Singer-Songwriter

Lauren Ní Chasáide has emerged into the Irish music scene over the last few years, appearing occasionally on TG4. Her innovative songs are a mixture between Irish and English and are a breath of fresh air.

Lauren 2 jpeg.jpg

“I love being a creative with hair and make-up. I like dying my bright hair colours or wearing feathers as jewellery. I always try to do something distinctive and exciting with my music, so it is important to me that the visual element of the performance compliments that.”


Flawless and Pawless recommends COTE Hair Care’s Quinoa Holding Spray, €20.00, available at

Lauren’s latest EP, Féin, is available on iTunes.

Ailbhe Reddy

Dublin-born singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy caught my eye when she performed at Knockanstockan Festival in 2016. With her effortless, natural look, I was intrigued to find out her regime for when she goes on stage.

Ailbhe Reddy jpeg.jpgPhotography by Charlotte Lachausee

“I really don’t wear much make-up at all! I usually just wear the bare minimum when I’m performing. My focus would be on my hair, I always style a few waves in my hair. That’s basically my only prep!”

Instyler-Max-1-506x382 (1).jpg

Flawless and Pawless recommends Irish brand Instyler’s Instyler Max, €99.00, available at and here.

Ailbhe’s latest single, Fingertips, from her latest EP, Attach to Memory, are both available on Spotify.


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