Dublin’s ONLY Cruelty-Free Salon, Skinfull Affairs, Is a Treat For All


If you are a busy person who rarely takes time for yourself, I’m sure you would take any opportunity to indulge in one of life’s simplest pleasures; a salon treatment. While it may seem difficult to find a salon treatment that uses cruelty-free products only, there are some options available (e.g. Lycon Wax, Cocoa Brown Tan, China Glaze nail polish- I will cover this in a separate article).

But, if you want a 100% guarantee that no animals were harmed for your me-time treatment, Skinfull Affairs is the number one salon to go to! Located on Wicklow Street in Dublin City Centre, this salon offers a variety of treatments using only 100% certified cruelty-free products. Some of these treatments include facial threading and tinting, facials, manicures and pedicures and even henna art!


In the salon is also a cruelty-free cosmetic shop, boasting an array gorgeously scented products; Pit Putty Deodorant, scrubs by Organic Shop, and even erotic products like natural lubricants by TOKA!

I was thrilled to be offered the Signature Manicure at Skinfull Affairs. The minute I stepped in the door I was greeted by the friendly and bubbly staff, and I took a moment to take in the gorgeous surroundings; the shelves of the shop stacked with cruelty-free goodies, the garden-like setting with ivy and plants creating a waterfall down the walls- I was so excited for this experience.

First, my hands were filed and buffed to remove any uneven ends and ridges. My hands were then soaked in a hand bath dressed by an aromatic peppermint oil to soften my cuticles. Once dried, the cuticles were pushed back and clipped, leaving my nails looking clean and ready to be dressed to impress!


Organic Shop’s Papaya scrub was used to remove any dead skin cells on my hands and wrists. The scrub was perfectly gritty to improve the circulation and soften my hands, and the scent of the papaya was something special. My hands were lathered in a nourishing hand mask and placed in heated hand gloves to ease aching joints from constant use. After this, my hands, wrists and arms were massaged magnificently with one of Dr. Konopka’s hand creams, leaving my mind in a state of bliss.


So what nail polish is cruelty-free and can provide a week-long manicure finish? Ella+Mila nail polish of course! Formulated by a mother who wanted her two daughters to paint their nails with a safe, hypoallergenic nail polish with no chemical ingredients, this nail polish guarantees a seven-day lifeline. I opted for the pinkest of pinks of the nail polish range, which stand on shelves around the salon. The salon also uses nail polish remover by the Ella+Mila range.

Overall, my experience at Skinfull Affairs was fantastic and I’m delighted that Dublin not only has a cruelty-free salon for beauty lovers, but is a shop where people can buy extremely affordable and beautiful cruelty-free cosmetic products.

Skinfull Affairs Signature Manicure (File + Polish + Cuticle Work + Scrub + Mask + Hand and Arm Massage) – €45

Brands available at Skinfull Affairs include:

Ella+Mila, Pit Putty Deodorant, Kripa, MOA, Organic Shop, Dr. Konopka, TOKA and Bade Anstalten

To book a treatment or to shop cruelty-free products sold in Skinfull Affairs, visit https://skinfullaffairs.ie



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