Hare-less Makeup Brushes for October

While you may be dying to get that new demi-matte foundation to cover up your breakout that’s appeared in time for the weekend, have you considered that, perhaps, the cause of your breakout is your dirty brush kit? Or what’s more, have you considered what your brushes are made from?


Many beautiful animals are slaughtered through inhumane, unforgivable methods for their hair and fur. If you would like to know more about the harsh facts about this, I would highly recommend reading PETA ambassador Pamela Anderson’s letter to Kim Kardashian, persuading her not to wear fur: https://www.peta.org/blog/pamela-anderson-asks-kim-kardashian-west-go-fur-free/.

With the rise of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brands on the market, many synthetic and cruelty-free makeup brushes are becoming all the rage.  Here are my favourite cruelty-free makeup brushes this October:

Inglot’s Pro Brush Collection are to-die-for. The modern MUA is spoiled for choice by the range. The soft-bristle brushes are made from either the highest quality synthetic fibres or from naturally shedding animals. Their new 6SS is the most ideal eyeshadow blending brush with its feathery design.

Inglot 6SS.jpg

Inglot 6SS Eyeshadow Blending Brush, €20, available at Inglot stores nationwide and at http://www.inglot.com.

For killer cheekbones, an Instagram-worthy highlight and a pop of colour on the cheeks, Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ brand new F33 Extreme Contour Brush is a must-have. There are five colour combos to choose from so you can add a pop of colour to your brush set, and the extra-soft, easy-to-clean synthetic fibres are adaptable for use with both cream and powder products. What makes this brush even more special is that it is vegan-friendly, just like the rest of the brushes in the range!


Blank Canvas Cosmetics F33 Extreme Contour Brush, €14.59, available at http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com.

One of my favourite makeup brush brands, that I actually trained with when I did my makeup course in 2014, is NIMA. One of the brand’s standout brushes is the precision brush, Lucy, from the brand new Artistic Collection. What makes the Lucy different to other detail/precision brushes is that it has very short bristles, making it ideal for defining the brows, lipline, achieving the perfect liquid liner look as well as smudging out eyeliner.


NIMA Lucy Precision Brush, €12.00, available at http://www.nimabrush.com.



Keeping your brushes clean is the most fundamental part of maintaining a clean make-up kit, and will prevent you from getting any nasty germs on your skin. Here’s how to keep your beauty regime germ-free:

Try to wash your brushes in-between makeup applications, even if it’s only on your own face! Bacteria builds up extremely easy within any makeup brushes. One of my favourite new cruelty-free brush cleansers is Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ Brush Sponge Solid Soap. It’s made of 100% natural, antibacterial ingredients and takes all of the time and effort out of cleaning your brushes. Just moisten the soap with water, run your brushes through and rinse under the tap until the water runs clear.


Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Sponge Solid Soap, €14.88, available at http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com.

Always wash your brushes facing downwards! If you give the brushes a bath, the water will get inside the brush itself, separating the fibres and causing the brushes to fall apart and start shedding. Place the brushes on a flat surface to dry naturally.



For every lady, there are five essential make-up brushes that should be in your kit. These are:

  • All-round foundation brush. It’s always better to apply your foundation with a brush for a more flawless finish, without any germs from your hands getting on your canvas!
  • A powder brush that can suffice for your pressed/loose powder, contour and highlighting and blusher is ideal.
  • An angled eyeliner brush. This works for filling in your eyebrows, eyeliner and also as a lipbrush. This is the brush you need for adding definition and ultra-enhancing features.
  • Eyeshadow blender brush. The fluffier the better! Use this to create the intensity you prefer to mesmerise your eyes.
  • Eyeshadow smudge brush. This is complementary to your blender brush. The smudge brush adds more dimension and smokiness to the look, and as it is a bit smaller, you can use it to really get into the crease and your lower lashline, as well as the inner corners.

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